Why should you conduct background checks?- Part Two

Thorough background checks help employers: Reduce the high cost of turnover by screening in employees who stay longer, reduce losses from employee theft, employee fraud, drug and alcohol abuse, absenteeism, workplace violence, and litigation. A significant number of job applicants falsify information on their resumes. Employment verification is too important for your company to hesitate on, delegate to an untrained employee, or disregard screening requirements and standards.
Below are some of the benefits of running background checks on your employees;
Improved Employee Quality: It improves the quality of staff you hire as your staff would be competent and reliable. This is only possible if you are sure of the caliber of employees you hired. Performing a thorough background check on every individual at your firm makes it easier for you to entrust them with confidential company information.

Reduced Careless Hiring: Background check provides you with a clear picture of your applicant and not just what he/she presents in their resume or at the interview. Candidates have a way of acting during interviews that allows them to portray their best qualities. Thus, burying their weaknesses. With background check, you are opportune a deeper insight of the individual’s personality.

 Reduces Workplace Violence: Identify the individuals with criminal records – with background check, you can easily identify candidates with past criminal records or candidates with any form of moral issues like theft, dishonesty, corruption etc.

Improves Hiring Security: It highlights dishonesty, false credentials and exaggerated CVs – at times, people lie on their CVs. Anyone can make up any job experience with any firm, get friends to pose as referees, present fake credentials just to get a job. There is no way you can easily identify these irregularities without carrying out proper background check on these individuals.

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