Mark Calthers Consulting’s Background Check Unit was established for employers, individuals and businesses to have access to a trusted verification partner.

Operating as a Human Resources research unit, the credentials of your staff, customers/vendor/clients’ documents’ details are checked and reported with the prior knowledge and authorisation of such individual or in utmost secrecy with just the written approval of your organisation’s management.


Several incidences in Nigerian public and private terrains have consistently been making cases for the need for all spheres of our corporate existence to seriously imbibe Background Check Services to safeguard their businesses and interests. Several examples abound here…

  • The fake certificates cases involving top political and public office holders.
  • The case of the fake doctor that worked at the Nigerian Ministry of Health for over 10 years undetected.
  • The Nigerian corporate world has been fraught with frauds currently estimated at over N500bn in the past year alone.

So, after reading those documents you are presented with and before making that recruitment or other business decisions, ask yourself the following questions;

  • Can you vouch for the originality of these documents?
  • Do you have a process for checking the authenticity of these documents?
  • How foolproof is this process?
  • Do you see a relationship between the possibility of employing people with fake documents and incidences of fraud, assets theft, poor performance etc. in your organization?
  • Do you want a value-driven partner for the Background Check needs in your KYC process?
  • Are you complying with Central Bank of Nigeria’s “Know Your Customer Policy” and Nigerian Security and Exchange Commission’s rules and regulations?

MCC provides you with an opportunity to protect you and your organization from fraud and others related issues. Let us have a chat today on the ways by which we can partner with you to ensure that you make no recruitment or allied errors.

Some of the services we render include but are not limited to;

  • Character Reference Verification
  • Criminal Records Check
  • Club Activities Verification
  • Professional Membership Verification
  • Guarantor Verification
  • Bank Credit History Verification
  • Road Traffic Accident Record Verification
  • Transcript Services

Benefits of Background Check Services

In these days of scary frauds, litigation and regulation, shareholder and public scrutiny, budget concerns and bottom lines, and a constantly evolving labor pool, your organisation cannot afford not to have a reliable and comprehensive background program in place.

Protect Your Assets Company assets are getting smaller, more expensive, and easier to steal and contain greater amounts of proprietary information. The cost of replacing a dozen laptops stolen by an employee with a history of theft pales next to the cost of replacing the information that may have been stored only in those computers.

The damage to your company when your competitor gets possession of that information is incalculable. Reference checks, verification of employment and searches of criminal records can all serve to provide you with warning signs before you make a decision to hire an applicant.

Confidentiality: Our projects are executed under utmost protection of the identity of our clients and the certificate owners. This makes it impossible for people to contact certificate owners for graft etc. especially where certificates have been confirmed to be fraudulent.

Avoid Terminations and Disruptions in the Workplace Your company’s cost of recruitment and training increases dramatically with excess turnover. Almost everyone knows how difficult it is to terminate poorly performing employees. Disruptions caused by these individuals to your work force, the impact these people may have on your mission and the amount of time you have to spend dealing with these situations may be avoided if you are aware of, and consider, an applicant’s history.

Competitive Edge in Hiring Qualified Candidates On the more positive side, if you have a qualified applicant, there is a competitive advantage in quickly verifying the qualifications, references, and suitability of that individual and getting them to work for you instead of your competitors. We do it quickly for you, without sacrificing accuracy.

A Veritable Downsizing Tool The harsh economic condition of the country has made it compulsory for many organisations to reduce their work force to remain profitably operational. Documents Authentication provides organisation with a credible tool in this regard.

Risk Management: Conducting due diligence on employees, customers, vendors etc eliminates loss of property, assets and resources. Carrying out background check on all engagements safeguards lives and properties.


Verification Type Form
  1. Educational VerificationStandard Employment VerificationSalary VerificationProfessional ReferencesKYC VerificationTenant VerificationNational Youth Service Certificate (NYSC) VerificationWAEC VerificationPrevious Employment VerificationResidential Address/Home Town/Parental Background VerificationCharacter Reference VerificationCriminal Records CheckClub Activities VerificationProfessional Membership VerificationGuarantor VerificationBank Credit History VerificationRoad Traffic Accident Record VerificationTranscript Services