Customer Service As A Marketing Tool

‘The customer is always right’. That is one adage we all have been hearing all our lives. But in actual fact, the customer is not always right. Many at times, we have come across customer service related situations whereby the customer is clearly at fault.

However, due to their ignorance of the situation, they are unable to realize it. Good customer service is established when you as an individual customer-service provider, is able to effectively manage the customer and the problem in question.

With this in mind, we can clearly state that customer service is the assistance provided by a company or an individual to its clients and partners before, during and after a purchase. It is the process of ensuring customer satisfaction with a product or service.

Essentially, customer service can turn out to be a very good marketing tool for companies. In some organizations, the customer care department forms a part of the sales department. The reason is that they are usually the first point of contact a potential client has with an organization. Therefore, the experience each potential client has with the customer care personnel of any organization builds the foundation of opinion that potential customer forms about the organization.

A good customer service experience would easily and quickly transform a potential client into a regular buying customer and eventually a brand evangelist. Brand evangelists are individuals with which a brand has an established relationship with usually as a result of good customer service experience before, during and after purchase.

Imagine a scenario whereby you walk into an organization and receive a poor treatment from the employees. Would you want to return there some other day? Would you go ahead and transact business with them? Or would you happily refer a friend or close relative to that organization? Let me take a guess, the answer is a big NO. Based on your bad experience in the few minutes you spent in that organization, it is most likely that you would be a negative brand evangelist for that organization. This way, that organization has lost you and a good number of potential clients it would have gotten through you.

One major way to improve customer service experience people have with your organization is to constantly train not just the people in the customer service department of your organization but also every staff in your organization on the basic customer care skills.


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