Nigerian companies, like their counterparts across the world have imbibed the outsourcing culture whereby key functions from administrative, legal, security, technology to web maintenance departments etc. have been contracted out to professional organizations for maximum efficiency and profitability. However, a key unit is always overlooked across industries in the country for outsourcing.

Equally profitable and productive, is the outsourcing of the field sales and marketing function. This service, once adopted and mastered, allows the organization to focus on its strength and core competences.

In this regard, it is our pleasure to introduce our Market Development Outsourcing (MDO) Service to you.

The M.D.O. is packaged to help companies improve on their revenue generation opportunities. It entails the outsourcing of your Sales and/or Marketing function with Business Development Executives and Salespersons recruited, trained and saddled with the sole responsibility of marketing and selling your products and services to your target costumers.

Benefits of adopting the Market Development Outsourcing (M.D.O.) include the following;

  • Training/Education: The M.D.O. staffers will be trained and equipped with in-depth knowledge that makes them masters of your products and services.
  • Lower overhead cost: Outsourced resources do not require you to provide phones, laptops, office space and other resources.
  • Deployment of a larger multi-faceted sales team: For the cost of hiring one senior sales person, a company can get access to a full team of outsourced sales professionals.
  • Elimination of fixed payroll and benefits costs: With an outsourced sales solution, companies pay only for the services rendered and do not have to add individuals to payroll, benefits and travel programs, which reduces cost of sales.
  • Profit from years of established relationships: An outsourced sales team brings a wide variety of contacts and relationships that can be leveraged to deliver faster results than one person bringing only his or her individual contacts.
  • Increased sales coverage: An outsourced team approach allows for a company to expand its reach more quickly than it could with one in house individual.

The M.D.O. entails the total management of the Team members, under this arrangement, Mark Calthers Consulting Limited will be responsible for the engagement, day-to-day management, administrative, payroll and other HR management issues relating to the staff.

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