Motivation is the act or an instance of encouraging or providing with a reason to act in a certain way. To motivate means to sensitize a person to make them act in way. One can say it is the process leaders use to get their employees to deliver high producing results. For success in today’s difficult workplace environment. It is essential that you have a strong understanding of how to create long lasting performance and morale.

Keeping employees motivated is an important element of not only getting the most out of your employees, but also in retaining your best employees. The best employees are always in high demand, and will change companies if they are not kept motivated at work.

Assigning responsibilities appropriately is also key, employees who are given more responsibilities than they can handle or beyond their scope will feel out of place as such will be less motivated to work hard to make the business succeed. Make sure your employees have the opportunity to take responsibility for projects. Offer employees training opportunities to improve their skills.

Recognize the performance of your employees, if you run an employee recognition program, e.g. employee of the week, of the month etc. you can make this more motivational by allowing employees to choose their own rewards. Some companies go as far as putting the picture of such employees in strategic positions in their office, you will be surprised at how hard your employees will motivated to work, just to be recognized.

Give special attention to high-potential employees. “Even in a tough economy, high-potential employees have other opportunities,” according to Douglas Klein, president of Sirota Survey Intelligence.  A study they conducted showed that during an economic crisis, employees who are anxious about their future can negatively affect a company. The reason is simple and obvious: they are less engaged in their jobs, and they may be making plans to leave.

Train you employees, you should have a good idea of what needs to be done especially in helping your employees perform better on the job, after all, you are a manager and are required to know the strengths and weaknesses of your employees. Develop a plan for coaching in areas of weakness using their performance analysis report.

Sometimes leaders forget to coach and develop strengths and not just weaknesses. These employees are assets to your company and they’ll make your job easier. Spend quality time with strong employees to learn what they are looking out for from your company. Find out if they would be willing to help with some of your weaker areas. You may be astonished by the outcome.

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