Previously, we discussed mystery shopping and what it is all about. Today, our focus would be on the benefits brands can get by carrying out mystery shopping services. Some of the benefits a brand can get from mystery shopping includes:

  • Monitoring Service and Performance: with mystery shopping, an organization can easily monitor and measure its employees’ performance and how they carry out its services. It becomes easier to identify and understand processes that are working and those that not working.


  • Customer Satisfaction: mystery shopping can be used to find out reasons customers leave and what can be done keep them, essentially in terms of satisfaction. Which in the end increases the organization’s bottom line.


  • Improves Customer Retention: measuring service performance through mystery shopping can help one take out or improve processes that are not bringing good results while focusing on those that have positive results. When a brand focuses on processes that work, the customer retention rate of that brand improves.


  • Monitor facility conditions: whether we realize it or not poor working environment impacts negatively on the employees and the customers. Through mystery shopping it becomes easy to monitor facility conditions. Most especially for brands with multiple outlets.


  • Identifies training needs: through mystery shopping, brands can easily identify areas in which their staff needs further training.

That would be all for now. If you need more information on how you can use mystery shopping to improve your staff performance and customer retention, feel free to send us an email on

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