quality hires: the guide

Quality Hires: The Guide

This is quite a funny venture if you look at it, when you are not about to race, colour sex, age and at times not about the experience, quality hire could simple be described as the measure of how well a new person/employee meets the performance needs of the job. Essentially, it’s about what the employee can contribute to the development of the organization.

Hiring employees with talent and networks/connection that fits significantly with the organizations goals improves business profitability and reduces recruiting rework costs, and this shows easily because these employees improve the performance of other employees in their networks, a snowball effect occurs in profitability and turnover. This is a critical component of strategic workforce planning.

When supported by strong hiring needs definition, incorporating network fit into your candidate assessment is the best way to hire any employee. Sourcing best-fit candidates through employment branding is difficult, and on-boarding occurs too late to ensure network fit.

The best companies follow three imperatives to identify and attract the perfect candidate for the open position:

  1. Define hiring needs to optimize the candidate’s fit with how teams work.
  2. Have candidates apply their competencies in scenarios that reflect the actual position.
  3. Influence hiring manager decisions to sustain network fit organization-wide.

It is very critical to know that employees in an organization contribute a huge part to the growth or failure of that organization, not just the manager or team leaders, it has to do with every single employee in the organization. Therefore, every employer must ensure that they hire the best and nothing less.

Here a few tips which you as an entrepreneur can follow when hiring an employee:

  • Develop accurate job description: before you publish a job vacancy, make sure that the job description is properly written out and accurate. Include the activities and responsibilities to be carried out by that potential employee in order to avoid misinterpretations. For instance, a job vacancy for creative director and graphic designer may seem similar but with an accurate job description, one would easily understand that a creative director role goes deeper than just putting graphical images together.
  • Include the job requirements: imagine putting out a job ad without including the job requirements, only to discover that about 40% of the applicants do not meet the job requirements. For this reason, it is very important that you state in detail the requirement for the job.
  • Screen according to the job role: Most times, when it comes to carrying out interviews, people believe that having the potential employee sitting across from them in the office is an ideal way to carry out an interview. However, that notion is wrong. As an employer, you need to carry out interviews according to the job role. For instance, the best way to interview a customer care personnel is through a phone interview. A graphic designer should be given a task to re-create a design.
  • Avoid nepotism: in as much as we would love to hire our friends, family members and friends of friends, we should not forget that though it might seem like we are helping out, we may in turn be killing our organization if that candidate is not properly qualified for the job.
  • Carry out pre-employment background check: quality hiring doesn’t just stop at selecting the best skilled/qualified candidate for a job role. It goes further to understanding that candidate outside skill and qualification. Partner with a verified background check agency to screen all candidates before going further to employ them.

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