What Companies Are Background Check Suitable For

What Companies Are Background Check Services Suitable For?

Background checks are a group of public records that define a person’s past. Background checks may include the following information; criminal records, court records, public information, marriage and divorce records, financial and lien records, driver records, rental and employment information of an individual. Background checks may vary depending on what sources they’re procured from. There are also a variety of background checks that can be useful for different reasons such as; personal, business and government.

  • Personal Background Checks – These usually include public records and vital records searches. This information might include criminal history, driving abstract, marriage and divorce records, birth & death records, marriage & divorce records, property & lien records and most any government publicly collected information.
  • Business Background Checks These are generally reserved for businesses for the purpose of screening. These resources may include; identity verification, partnership and business associate screening, debtor locator, skip tracing for those that have warrants, heath care compliance services and conducting general due diligence for businesses.
  • Government Background Checks – Government agencies need a lot more data and need to mitigate much more risk than personal or business background checks can offer. These highly detailed reports are used for police officers, government workers, verifying identities of affiliations, asset and fraud protection.

To obtain an official background check you should use a resource such as Mark Calthers Consulting since we are an official reporting agency. Official background checks are detailed and much more standardized. All you need is a complete name of the employee to be verified to begin searching, and a brief of what and why you want the checks carried out (i.e. your use of the background checks). Make sure to verify as many pieces of data as possible when search for someone’s background check to insure you’ve got the right person.

A Pre-Employment Background Check has become a matter of necessity. A staggering amount of applicants make false claims on their job applications and resumes or attempt to cover up prior criminal activity. About 40% of the background checks processed by us at Mark Calthers Consulting, as a matter of fact turn up at least one serious discrepancy.

Every employer wants to ensure that they hire the right staff irrespective of their industry or company size. Background check was never meant for a certain industry or company size. It is an exercise which every company must carry out in order to avoid situations that would affect its financial stability or brand in the long run.

It is not just about carrying out this exercise but also by trusting it in the hands of a verified background check company. In the following blog post, we will tell you factors to consider and things to look out for when contracting a background check company.

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