When Is The Perfect Time For Me To Run Background Check On My Staff

When Is The Perfect Time To Run Background Check On My Staff?

If you think it isn’t necessary to conduct a background check on an employee, consider what might happen to your business if you hire the wrong person. You could wind up with an employee who steals from you, your other employees or your customers. The wrong employee may turn out to be violent, and, if you didn’t do your due diligence, you could be sued for negligent hiring.

So the question “when is the right time to conduct background check on your employees?” could be answered with before and after employing the employee(s). When it comes to background check, there are two major time periods to run them, namely:

  • Before employment
  • After employment (while already working)

Before employment – before hiring anyone to become a part of your organization, you need to ensure that a thorough background check Is carried out on that individual by a verified background check company. The reason is to reduce the incidence of theft or false documents or exaggerated CV. It would also help to ensure that the quality of hire is good.

After employment – it is important for employers to run periodic background checks, at least once every 6 months on their employees. This is to ensure that the information provided by their staff is still valid and it also helps to bring to light any issue that might have been omitted during the course of the previous background check exercise.

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