Background Check Services

How original are those original documents?​

  • Can you vouch for the Documents with which you employed all your members of staff?
  • Do you have a process for checking the authenticity of these credentials?
  • How foolproof is this process?
  • Do you see a relationship between the possibility of having employed people with fake
  • Documents and the incidences of fraud, assets theft, poor performance etc in your organisation?

Mark Calthers Consulting’s Documents Authentication Unit was established for employers to have access to a trusted verification partner. Operating as a Human Resources research unit, the Documents of your staff are checked and reported with the prior knowledge and authorisation of such staff or in utmost secrecy with just the written approval of your organisation’s management.

Don’t be caught out by false claims made by job applicants or even existing staff.

Thorough professional reference checking and applicant screening is an essential step in the best interest of your

Offerings available include;

  1. Education Verification
  2. Standard Employment Verification
  3. Salary Verification
  4. Education Verification
  5. National Youth Service Certificate (NYSC) Verification
  6. WAEC Verification
  7. Previous Employment Verification
  8. Residential Address/Home Town/Parental Background Verification
  9. Character Reference Verification
  10. Criminal Records Check
  11. Club Activities Verification
  12. Professional Membership Verification
  13. Guarantor Verification