Mystery Shopping Service

Mystery Shopping Service is the practice of using trained “shoppers” to anonymously evaluate customer service operations, employee integrity, merchandising and product quality. It is about visiting your business premises, posing as customers and evaluating the service. It is also a veritable tool for assessing staff adherence to customer service techniques, laid-down processes and procedures and also for developing training programmes tailored at improving customer service.

Our mystery shopping involves the recording of both audio and video at every shopping location, although either could be saved separately if demanded by the client.

Some of the benefits your organisation will derive from adopting the Mystery Shopping Scheme include;

  1. Understand your customers
  2. Improved customer retention and service levels.
  3. Check staff performance and focus on service
  4. Resolves employee integrity issues
  5. Ongoing objective analysis of service performance
  6. Keep your clients satisfied, every time
  7. Increase your sales figures
  8. Monitoring your cash management process
  9. Improve stock inventory
  10. Increase customer loyalty
  11. Improve your brand image
  12. Survey and beat your competitors
  13. Educational tool for staff training & development

Below are synopses of some of the Mystery Shopping Services we offer:

  1. Bench marking Evaluation
  2. Interaction Evaluation
  3. Conformance Evaluation
  4. Internet Performance
  5. Evaluation
  6. Merchandising Audits
  7. Price Audit
  8. Specific Individual
  9. Evaluations