Sales Outsourcing

MCC Sales Partners® is the brand name for the Sales Outsourcing service of Mark Calthers Consulting Ltd. This service is an end-to-end total Sales solution that will provide your organisation with an independent, target driven sales channel operating outside your in-house sales department. In deploying this Sales Outsourcing option, Mark Calthers Consulting Limited will, based on agreed profile and strategy, engage, train, own and deploy a dedicated Salesforce, a.k.a Sales Partners with the sole responsibility of selling only your company’s product and services. Curriculum Vitae databank (contains information on hundreds of highly qualified professionals in various disciplines) are handled online via our portal.

Under this arrangement, Mark Calthers Consulting will have the following responsibilities;

  1. Recruitment of personnel to match the profile agreed with the client
  2. Provide Sales and Customer service training
  3. Daily administrative management of employed team
  4. Daily Team management for Targets achievement
  5. Responsible for all Human Resource activities involving the Team
  6. Motivate the team for achievement of set targets

The advantages of adopting the MCC Sales Partners® proposal are many, some of these are;

Success Based Model

This exclusively performance-driven model has commission payment as the only form of remuneration to MCC. The
commission covers salaries, transportation and other expenses to be incurred by MCC in the course of delivering the service.
Operations under this model is structured by putting 10-20 Sales partners under a supervisor who is responsible for the dayto-day management of the team across the branches.

Dedicated Sales Partnership Model

This model assigns a sales team to work in a client’s respective branches across Nigeria and they are to ensure that their assigned targets are met. The work schedule for this option is flexible such that the Sales Partner could easily submit necessary documents and do their reports of activities seamlessly. Under this model, we ensure that we track performance, provide necessary tools for delivering the target and motivate the team to achieve the desired target